100 hours of intensive baking and some 25 assistants. That was part of the great efforts that was needed to make the world’s largest cream cake finished.

Now it is there in all its glory. Ready for anyone with a sweet tooth can get a piece of it, the baker himself calls it the world’s largest cream cake.

The cream cake is 60 square meters, and the current record for the world’s largest cream cake is 40 square meters. So I wonder if, the cream cake gets written into the Guinness Book of Records. It is certainly the hope for the man behind the making of the cream cake, baker Nikolaj Thomsen from Groes Café and bakery in Løgstør in Denmark.

– It has take quiet some time to get it ready. But it went easier than I had expected. I had some good help, explains Nicholas.

He set out to bake the cake, because the town of Løgstør recently celebrated its 500 year birthday. Baking the cream cake took about 100 hours of baking and especially putting together the layers, creams, jam, etc. took a long time. It took a total of 25 men to put it all together.

“Shopping List” to the world’s largest cake:
600 liters of cream
70 kg macaroons
3000 eggs
200 kg of icing sugar
100 kg of flour
100 kg of sugar
150 kg raspberry jam

The cake is the size of a two bedroom apartment and the baker himself estimates there is cream cake enough for about 15,000 people. Theres plenty for everyone, so everyone is welcome to come and get a piece.

The local tv-station TV2 Nord in Denmark was there when the cream cake was created. As you can see here: