In Summary:
– Any suggestion of irregularity surrounding the asylum process is investigated thoroughly by the relevant authority in the UK.
– The travel document shows that Ms Manana (Batuli) was born in Kismayo, Somalia in 1990.
– This is a common way of committing fraud with visa’s and then seeking asylum, hence the reason for now taking fingerprints.

The UK Government is investigating allegations that a Kenyan woman irregularly obtained asylum in the United Kingdom.

In a letter addressed to Mr Ali Omar, outgoing British envoy to Kenya Dr Christian Turner assured him that relevant authorities are investigating his claims regarding his twins being registered as refugees in the UK.

This is after a story was published by the Nation where Mr Omar questioned the process which was used by his estranged wife, Ms Batuli Mohammed Abubakar, to obtain a refugee status in the UK.
According to travel documents, Ms Abubakar has changed her identity and that of their children to become citizens of Somalia.
In an earlier interview, Mr Omar claimed Ms Abubakar changed her identity and nationality to get asylum the UK, considering the situation in Somalia and eventually get UK citizenship.

“I wanted to write to express my sympathy for your account of events as related as seen on social media,” wrote Dr Turner.

“I would like to assure you that the British High Commission takes allegations such as these with utmost seriousness. Any suggestion of irregularity surrounding the asylum process is investigated thoroughly by the relevant authority in the UK,” he added.

Mr Omar during the interview alleged that he learnt of the refugee status of his wife in January this year when he came across her travel documents in the house, months after she left for the UK with the twin boys.

To his surprise, information on Ms Abubakar’s Kenyan and UK travel documents differed.

The Kenyan passport had expired and belonged to his wife as he knows her, while the UK travel documents, which expired in June 2015, indicated that she was Manana Said Ahmed.


The travel document shows that Ms Manana (Batuli) was born in Kismayo, Somalia in 1990 contrary to allegations by Mr Omar.

“She lied that she was a destitute citizen from Somalia and that the twin boys were fatherless with the sole aim of acquiring a British citizenship,” said Omar.

The dismayed father wrote an email to the British High Commission, UNHCR and the Inspector General of Police seeking answers to his gnawing questions in May 2015.

The British High Commission responded to his email in June 2015, “This office was in conversation with you in May following receipt of the documents below. At that time I did forward them to the UK immigration offices for action.

“I have checked with the relevant department who have confirmed receipt and that the situation is being looked into.

The process can take several months so please be patient,” wrote Kevan Clifton from the British High Commission.

But an agitated Mr Omar started a campaign in the social media urging his wife and concerned authorities to bring back to him his boys.

asylum fraud in EU and UK

asylum fraud in EU and UK

“We are working to bring about the speediest possible resolution to the matter,” wrote Dr Turner in the letter.

This is a common thing that was done by many people and why it can seam hard to get a visa to the EU, UK, USA; and other countries, as many visa holders after arrival have burnt or otherwise destroyed their passport and other travel document and claimed they were from another country.
This is the reason why EU and other countries gradually have started to take finger prints and more. That why at this point these information is shared among the countries so as they can see if someone traveled in as one person and then changed identity.
this has lowered the amount of false asylum seekers that is really from another country than they claim. Kenyan, Uganda, Tanzania at times claims they are from Congo, Burundi, etc. while Tanzanian/Kenyan Somalis would claim they are Somalis from Somalia though they have never set foot there.
We know of several that in Denmark live as Somali refugees though they are Kenyan or Tanzanian Somali of well of families, but have no intention of working and refuse to return to their families.
This has many places lead to an increase in opposition against foreigners because they commit this fraud, which makes it hard for law abiding citizen and visa holders to travel freely.