A few hours before the former Prime Minister Edward Loawassa officially joined the opposition coalition Ukawa under the Chadema ticket, the party’s lawyer Tundu Lissu   posted the following statement on social media.

By joining the party (Chadema) Edward Lowassa will be presidential candidate for the party and the Coalition of People’s Constitution (Ukawa).
“Lowassa is perhaps the most controversial and divisive political figure in the country right now and he has been so for a long time,” Lissu said.
He explained that in 2007 Chadema listed Lowassa on its list of shame as a direct result of his (alleged) association in the Richmond scandal.
The basic question that Chadema must respond to is; Why has Chadema decided to enroll Lowassa and not only as a party member but also honoured him to be its presidential candidate?
“The country is now in a special political situation…for the first time in the history of the country we are witnessing breaking up and division in CCM and the person who caused the situation is Lowassa,” he said.
Further explaining why Chadema has agreed to accept Lowassa, Lissu admitted that while Chadema members have been building the party since 2010 and it now has competent contestants in many constituencies and councillorships compared to any other time in the past.
“It is also true that the party is weak in some areas and so by welcoming Lowassa we effectively bring these areas into our political arena,” he explained.
Lissu said Lowassa will defeat CCM because he is powerful within the party than any other politician.
“In the present situation, we need to decide who is a bigger enemy to our country and its welfare, is it Lowassa, a corruption suspect or CCM and its system which facilitates corruption?” he queried.
“We Chadema and Ukawa have decided that our big enemy is CCM and its ruling system … we have opened our doors for Lowassa because he will speed up the process to defeat CCM and its corrupt administrative structure.