Where do one go and watch good shows, Theater, musicals in Nairobi?

Well i found out that the Phoenix theater is a very good place, small and intimate with a lot of Atmosphere. I went to see the show Tigo with the family and the nanny that is part of our family, there was myself, my better part and the 5 year old son, and the nanny, and well i can only say it was a great afternoon spent, with entertainment and emotions, laughter, not just from the adults, but also from the first timer to theater, the son.

At times he looked a little pulsed over what was going on, but his attention was focused on what was going on at the stage and among the audience when the actors ran among them, and it excited him quit a bit. So next time, well you don’t need to leave your children at home, give them a little injection of culture and fun in a different way instead of always thinking culture is cartoons, play and jumping castles, etc.

The play is a musical and a contemporary adaption on an African mythology on the Nilotic migration from Sudan. This is a story about three brothers Labong’o, Nyikal, and Bor who gets into a conflict because of child rivalry that has grown into their adulthood. The story is told of the brother Labong’o who in the absence of his brother takes his brothers spear and tries to kill the wild elephant that attacked the village, in a bid to protect his brother Nyikal’s home.
The brother’s wife is very grateful but Nyikal is not pleased and insists he needs his spear. The brother thus has to go into the wilderness and his woman is left to take care of their home in her husband’s absence.

She waits for many years for his return and at last her husband comes back with the spear just when she is about to be married away to his brother Nyikal. The enmity between the brothers are bound together by the familiar relationship of their wives.
Nyikal’s son and heir then eats a sacred bead Labong’o had been given by mother nature for protection. Labong’o in a bid to revenge insists he needs the bead back to. Despite Bor, their brother and all the women in their home tries to settle it between them and calming down Labong’o, he refuses to take anything, which leads to Nyikal’s son being cut to get the bead from his tummy.

The father then decides that at the end the enemity is too much thus separates the two brothers and lets the two relocate to different lands going in opposite directions so they may never meet again.