The third person.
Just done watching the movie and I must say it is quite something.
Watch me…. the phrase it begins with and ends with. We get to see three different stories but somehow two of them are kinda connected when it comes to the breaking of the vases part.
My take about the movie, I see it as a work of art. I mean three different sets of people with almost perfect lives if not perfect but deep down struggling to forgive themselves and move on.
Having to move on is especially hard if you blame yourself for the worst but what it reminds us is the need to share our feelings and the willingness to at last confront the issue.
If going out of the norm is what works for you then fine take a break.
Be willing to be raw and real with yourself without forgetting of course the consequences.
‘He filled the room with many white roses she could not tell the number. White because it is the color of trust and white because it is the color of belief he says.’ Quoted from the movie.
Watch me….