Rombo district is in the spotlight for brewing alcohol that is alleged to weaken sexual abilities in men.

Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA) on Friday closed down seven alcohol producing plants in Rombo District because the drink weakens sexual ability of men and is said to be behind a number of failed marriages in the widely known district of Kilimanjaro Region.

The conditions under which the alcohol, made from banana, is taken widely by low income earners, do not meet professional category because the industries lack laboratories and operate in poor environments. TFDA officials said.

A  TFDA official, Barnabas Jacob, said the seven are among15 inspected industries and found not to meet criteria of producing alcohol.

He said the plants include Komba, Obama, Twiga, Pundamilia, Zebra, Iyembe, Kilimanjaro, Keni, Chuichui, Jogoo and Bingwa.

Drinking alcohol to excess can make good sex go bad.  Food and drug authority officials and alcohol experts affirmed in the district mid this week that “this is because alcohol reduces both men’s and women’s sexual sensitivity.”

“In both sexes, sexual response is reduced by regular and prolonged drinking,” the experts say.

“In men, alcohol can cause difficulties getting and maintaining an erection – while women may experience reduced lubrication, find it harder to have an orgasm, or have orgasms that are less intense,” the TFDA official said.

Many people mistakenly believe that alcohol is an aphrodisiac. However, over time too much alcohol can actually put a dampener on your sex drive, he noted, adding that drinking too much over an extended period of time can turn a temporary condition like ‘Brewer’s Droop’ into full-blown impotence.

Drinking can also cause damage if you are planning to have children. Women in Rombo district had earlier this month complained to have low infertility rates, attributing the agony to excessive drinking among men, according to the media reports.

The experts went on to explain that, women who drink over the lower risk guidelines can take longer to become pregnant and can suffer from menstrual and fertility problems.

Jacob said the plants faced serious legal measures if they did not comply with their instructions and that they will only be allowed to re-open if they followed required procedure.

Banana beer moshi Tanzania 2

The beer shown is a model beer, not among the closed once. Banana beer from Moshi Tanzania.

Along with the stern legal measure, Jacob warned other industries in the region to follow laid down regulations, insisting that failure to do so would attract similar measures.

Felista Shine, wife of one of the owners, promised to make the necessary adjustments before they start business again.

Another owner who also faced the axe, Prosper Shao, said his plant was  closed down last year, but he said he believed that it now meets the TFDA conditions.

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda early this week ordered his office to take appropriate action against Rombo District Commissioner Lemrise Kipuyo who said women in his area were hiring Kenyan men to satisfy them sexually since their husbands have turned to alcohol.

Pinda was responding to Rombo MP, Joseph Selasini (CHADEMA) who wanted the premier to apologise to Rombo men because they were humiliated by government officials.