Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Misenyi Municipal Council and the Police Force supervising trade and tax collections at Mtukula border between Tanzania and Uganda have been said as institutions hindering the flourishing of business along the border.

Speaking during a two days seminar in Missenyi, Kagera Region yesterday, traders said the zero tariff protocol signed by the East African member states were not being at observed borders.

“We are forced to pay for the tax of our agricultural produces in Uganda even after showing receipts that such taxes have already been paid for in the country,” Kasongo Kitwana  a regular trader  between  the  two countries said.

Adding, “Multiple tariffs across EA member states poses challenges to entrepreneurs trading within the regions and spoils traders perishable goods leading to loss of business”.

He said Kagera is the leading region with many barriers compared to other border posts between the neighbouring countries of Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries which retard business development.

“We call upon the Tanzania and Uganda government to implement the zero tariff protocol. The tariffs being exercised at the borders are not in the EA market protocol. This discourages trade development within the bloc,” he said.

The trader said his 10 tonnes groundnuts consignment was spoiled at the border in Uganda after failing to pay for the taxes that had already been settled at the Tanzanian border.

“I was also asked to pay for the taxes in Mtukula even after I had already paid the same to tax authorities in Tabora” he said.

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (TCCIA) Executive Officer Rwechungura Mali said Mtukula boarder is faced with many obstacles with various taxmen imposing taxes to traders without issuing receipts.

He mentioned an example as those taxmen from Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA).

In another development, Ibrahimu Sekwaro, who owns Lake View School in Bukoba said unnecessary procedures for EA member states job seekers especially teachers is a problem to development of the education sector.

Sekwaro said the EA Market Protocol is directing workers with professionalism to freely enter the borders which has not been the case with Tanzania.