The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has managed to save 12.6bn/- that would have been corruptly lost from the government coffers over the last five years.

Addressing the National Assembly yesterday in Dodoma minister of state in the President’s Office (Good Governance) George Mkuchika said the money was recovered between 2011 and 2015.
Mkuchika said that PCCB had succeeded  in the fight against corruption in the country despite some challenges facing the bureau.
Minister o was responding to a basic question by Special Seat MP Amina Mohamed Mwidau (CUF) who had wanted to know the government plans to fight corruption in the country.
Responding, Mkuchika told the House that the government was aware of the corruption challenges and its negative impact to the national development.
He said the government had introduced various plans to fight corruption in the country.
Mkuchika explained that corruption had spread in all institutions in the country therefore he called upon the Members of Parliament (MPs)  to  play their part in the fight  against the malpractice.
He added that the government would also expand the scope of controlling corruption by involving ministries, local government authorities, government agencies and departments, civil society organisations, religious institutions and political parties.
Mkuchika added that the government is set to review the rules and regulations and the  ACT  to identify corruption loopholes in the offices.