The government is setting up sophisticated systems for surveying, issuing land titles and generally managing the land sector in efforts to end land disputes, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda has said.

He said absence of maps and official boundaries is the primary source of intermittent land conflicts in the country, particularly between farmers and pastoralists.
The premier was winding up the 20th parliamentary meeting in Dodoma over the weekend. He said the land problem had intensified because of the growing number of people, livestock and land-based economic activities.
They include mining, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and housing, he said.
He explained that they were intense in protected areas like national parks, game reserves, villages within protected areas, apart from those between members of the public and investors.
He said such disputes have a big impact, including breach of peace, damage to property and deaths. He said the government took several steps to control them whenever they occurred.
On the education sector, the PM said it faces a shortage of 1,174,827 desks, equal to 39.5 percent.
He said this was a big challenge that has to be addressed in the new fiscal year. He directed local authorities to set aside between six and eight per cent of their revenue for the purpose.
Pinda said this could be realised through use of the electronic system in collecting revenue and improvement to local government authorities.