Taking the plunge.
We all have goals and plans on how to achieve them. Well I say just take the plunge. You need a plan yes but what if the closest you have ever gotten to see your dreams is the plan that you always sit and re-evaluate every now and then. Life is a mystery you never know what lies ahead not unless you get curious and seek it for yourself.
We try to find a reason and an explanation for everything forgetting, sometimes it is best to just go with the flow. You do not need to know where the lights will take you just follow them and you will see.
Have you ever wondered how the greatest minds and people on earth who came up with inventions or theories they came to be? I think it was mostly out of curiosity and they followed that path that when they discovered something new they followed that and finally we have them to thank for many things civilization being one of them.
Let go of the fear of the unknown. Every new year we make that list how many times have you lived by it and at the end of the year sat down and was like I did what I was to do this year. Very few people are fortunate to have that much self-discipline. For those of us who don’t, let us not beat ourselves up for that, we should accept ourselves as we are and take advantage of that. One thing about spontaneous minds is the unpredictability and that is what makes us so incredible. No one knows what to expect from you all they know is it will be worth their while. That is why today decide to take the plunge and go with the flow.
Learn to live a little.