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Tanzania loses half cereals it grows annually

Tanzania loses nearly half of its production of cereals every year due to poor storage, lack of harvesting skills and processing facilities, prompting agricultural experts into calling for urgent measures to save the poverty-stricken nation from hunger. Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperative Raphael Daluti said it is estimated that more than 40 percent of the annual national production of crops is lost or

Tanzanian Police use teargas on Lowassa supporters in Arusha

Tasking the government and especially the police force in the International Criminal Court was mooted by presidential opposition contender Edward Lowassa here yesterday. The former premier talked for only five minutes to thousands of supporters waiting for him  at Tindiga grounds in easterly outskirts of this emerging city at Kimandolu, where he said indictment of individuals was possible as happened in the case of Kenyan political heavyweights Uhuru Kenyatta and

Tanzanian brewer wins global acclaim

Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) has been awarded the International High Quality Trophy 2015 and the Crystal Prestige Trophy 2015 by the Brussels-based International Institute for Quality Selections. SBL’s products, the Serengeti Premium Larger was also awarded Gold Medal 2015, by the same institute. “It is a non-competitive award open to food and drink products.  Consumer products are tasted and tested in order to grant them a quality label,” detailed SBL’s

Sh10mn prize for best renewable energy idea

Kenyan entrepreneurs in renewable energy sector have a chance to win grants of up to Sh10 million each following the launch of the third round of the Off-Grid Energy Challenge. The competition, which is part of Power Africa is aimed at spurring ideas that are meant to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, where at least 600 million people are estimated to lack basic access to electricity. The competition

Arusha to introduce Nelson Mandela week

Authorities in Arusha have expressed the need to introduce the Nelson Mandela week  in efforts to honour the contribution made by the former South African president for his contribution in scaling up science and technological spirits in Africa. Arusha regional commissioner, Daudi Ntibenda, disclosed the region’s plans here when he was speaking at the concluded Nelson Mandela week-long event which was organized by the Nelson Mandela African institute of science

Chinese govt to build high speed railway for Tanzania

The Chinese government plans to construct in the future high speed railway in Tanzania and other priority business partner countries as a way of bolstering economic relations with them. The plan was revealed in Beijing recently by the Director-General of China Centre for Urban Development, Li Tie while briefing Tanzanian women journalists on the benefits of the long-standing economic ties between the two countries, future general outlook and new strategies

Bollore Africa Logistics in tax evasion worth millions of shillings.

Bollore Africa Logistics company and  Stanford Osward Mmari face multiple charges over millions of Tanzania shillings in alleged tax  evasion and fraud in a criminal case No 38 0f 2015 , the resident magistrate court of Bukoba was told on Thursday. The Public prosecutor and Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) lawyer Salvatory Sweet told the court that the duo made false declaration in the matter related to  the customs C/s 203

Tanzania becomes east, central and southern Africa fiber optic information hub

Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL) plans to make its fiber optic cable to be the information hub in east, central as well as southern Africa.  In an exclusive interview with ‘The Guardian’ at the week end, the TTCL acting Chief Executive Officer, Peter Ngota said that it was one of the company’s long-term plans. He was reacting to a question after the final handing over of the fiber optic to

Scientists warn over rising potassium deficiency in soil

Scientists have sternly warned that soil fertility in the country is under serious threat as a result of overuse potassium and this might highly undermine efforts to improve food security and sustainable agricultural productivity. The observation was said yesterday in a two-day first national potash symposium in Dar es Salaam. In simple terms, nitrogen promotes plant growth. It is associated with leafy, vegetative growth. It’s part of every protein in

Lowassa ditches CCM Enough is enough, he declares as he joins opposition

Former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa yesterday publicly announced that he was joining opposition party   Chadema,  ending weeks of speculation on the party he would cross over to from the ruling CCM. Chadema is one of the four parties forming the Coalition of People’s Constitution (Ukawa). Other parties are NCCR-Mageuzi, Civic United Front (CUF) and National League for Democracy (NLD). Speaking at a press conference in Dar es Salaam, Lowassa