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Kenya Airways fall is plot to seize firm, says Orange party

The Orange Democratic Movement claims there is a scheme to bring down Kenya Airways so that it can be acquired by “corrupt cartels”. ODM chairman John Mbadi said the dip in profits of the airline appears to have been created to force critical staff into going on strike and quitting to provide an excuse for the take over of the company. Mr Mbadi spoke Friday after holding a meeting with

Secret Service and FBI agents secure airport for Obama

American security agents have secured sections of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi in preparation for next week’s historic visit of President Barack Obama. The US President, whose father was Kenyan, will arrive in Nairobi on Friday to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that ends on Sunday. He will be the first serving American leader to visit Kenya. On Friday, Mr Eric Kiraithe, the head of security at the Kenya Airports Authority,