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More people die from air pollution than Malaria and HIV/Aids, new study shows

More than 3 million people a year are killed prematurely by outdoor air pollution, according to a landmark new study, more than malaria and HIV/Aids combined. Wood and coal burning for heating homes and cooking is the biggest cause, especially in Asia, but the research reveals a remarkably heavy toll from farming emissions in Europe and the US, where it is the leading cause of deaths. The report warns that,

Tanga oil investment to spur growth in the region

Tanga Region is expected to see the rapid development in all the sectors of economy, thanks to the Lake Group investments in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) terminal in the region. The government has so far recommended Lake Group for its oil terminal investment, the largest in East and Central Africa expected to accommodate 2,000 metric tonnes of gas while employing 100 workers. Speaking last weekend at the opening of the