In Summary:
– Association goes to court over what they term the illegal destruction of property.
– Judge asks them to serve the sued parties before he issues a directive.

The Association of Spirits Manufacturers of Kenya has gone to court over the destruction of property in the campaign against illicit alcohol.

Through its officials, the association has sued the Interior Cabinet secretary, the Attorney-General, the Inspector-General of Police and Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu.

The association claimed that rowdy gangs organised by Mr Waititu last Saturday invaded licensed bars and other legitimate outlets stocking their products and illegally destroyed property as part of the government crackdown on illegal liquor.

Through lawyer Karugu Muguku, they claimed that violent looting and wanton destruction of property had been tolerated and supervised by law enforcement as well as state officers though their members are fully compliant with laws relating to the manufacture of alcohol.

Mr Muguku told High Court judge Isaac Lenaola that their members are legitimate investors who are equally entitled to the right of protection and that the raids have resulted in a massive loss of property.

They want the court to issue orders stopping the sued parties from organising gangs to incite the public into breaking into private property, as well as granting them prompt protection.

However, Justice Lenaola asked the association to serve the sued parties before he issues a directive on Tuesday.