In Summary:
– There was drama in a bar in Kawangware when patrons disarmed two gunmen and recovered a pistol from them.
Police said the patrons overpowered the suspects before they could strike and grabbed a gun they had before the two were saved from being lynched. According to Dagoretti police boss Rashid Mohammed, the gang had posed as other patrons yesterday at dawn and wanted to strike when the other revelers turned on them. “They probably wanted to rob the revelers who were in the bar but were mobbed and disarmed. Police who were on patrol responded and saved the two from being lynched,” said Mohamed. He cited witnesses saying one of the patrons jumped on the man who had the gun and pinned him down before others joined.
He added they are investigating to establish if the same group has been behind a series of other recent attacks in the area. The two suspects were under interrogation after the 2am drama. Meanwhile, police are holding four suspects after they recovered four guns from them in an operation in Ngei estate, Nairobi.
Pursuing suspects
Police say they were pursuing suspects who had two weeks ago attacked and stolen a firearm from a civilian gun holder when they stumbled on the four on Thursday evening. The weapons had only three bullets and police believe the other ammunition are hidden somewhere else. The weapons are all serviceable and had been hidden in a posh house in the estate when police raided. Police were acting on a tip off by an informer who was aware of the proceedings. Starehe OCPD Bernard Nyakwaka termed the recovery a breakthrough in the war on crime and added they are looking for more weapons.
“We have taken the weapons to experts for ballistic analysis to establish if they had been used elsewhere to commit crimes,” said Nyakwaka. The weapons recovered in the operation include two ceskas and two Berretta pistols. The four suspects who included a woman were expected in court to face various charges. Police say the recovery is a major victory in the war on crime in the city. The area has been experiencing a surge in crime in general.