A new Ebola vaccine now appears to be effective. Writes Reuters.

The vaccine VSVZEBOV is developed by Merck, and it has been tested by over 4000 people, which subsequently was in close contact with the Ebola virus. The result showed that you were 100 percent protected ten days after they had received the vaccine.

Our hope is that the vaccine now will help to put an end to this epidemic – and be available for future Ebola outbreak, which will undoubtedly come, says Jeremy Farrar, infection specialist and head of The Wellcome Trust which has helped to finance the testing of the new Ebola vaccine.

Doctors Without Borders are also happy about the new progress.

– For the first time, a tool that can protect lives and break the chain of infection, says Bertrand Draguez head of MSF.

Ebola has so far claimed more than 11,200 lives since the epidemic broke out in Guinea in December 2013.