In Summary:
– It is amazing how the members of the different committees and parliament can keep fighting instead of respecting each others speaking time, and their differences.

MPs from both sides of the political divide have clashed at a meeting of two committees with Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru.

The clashes began long before Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi was given a chance to ask his question. Some members of the Labour Committee said the matter should wait until Speaker Justin Muturi rules on whether it was the Finance or the Labour committee that should handle the matter.

After Ms Waiguru had answered Mr Wandayi’s question, saying she (as the CS) has no role in procurement and that the amount under investigation had gone to Sh695 million, the clashes continued.

Mr Wandayi was heckled by MPs Richard Onyonka and Jimmy Angwenyi as he stressed his allegation that youths in NYS uniform participated in the demonstrations in support of Ms Waiguru.


Mr Onyonka would later begin a loud and raucous argument with ODM nominated MP Oburu Oginga, whom he repeatedly referred to as “the former Prime Minister’s brother”.

Dr Oginga did not take that kindly and other MPs joined in as Finance Committee chairman Benjamin Lang’at struggled to maintain control.

The meeting was also attended by many “friends of the committee” in the form of MPs, a majority of them from central Kenya.
Ms Waiguru watched calmly as the chaos happened.

At times it at times looks like an act to make people think they actually are doing something and not a show for the public. From here it is just sounds like disrespect of each others right of speech, without the patience to wait for their turn.