Questions have emerged over a new party unveiled in Kisumu last week following claims that it could be connected to Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno.

Political observers believe Mr Otieno is hiding under the veil of Nyakach politician Grace Akumu to set up structures for him to save his political career.

Mr Otieno was the first to hint that he would spearhead a revolution in the region’s leadership through a party he referred to as “Kalausi” – Dholuo for whirlwind.

But Ms Akumu, while dismissing claims of working on behalf of Mr Otieno, who is away for peace talks in South Sudan, affirmed that Citizen Convention Party is not an individual’s party but an outfit for those who want to be liberated from the chains of party monopoly in Nyanza.

Much as Ms Akumu is the face of the party, several MPs say that she is just a decoy who is serving other masters out to compete with ODM in Nyanza.

“It is those who are scared of democracy who think small and negatively like that. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons CCP has been formed is for members to enjoy the freedom and independence from political parties owned by individuals,” Mrs Akumu said.

MPs Fred Outa (Nyando), Shakeel Shabbir (Kisumu East) and Opiyo Wandayi (Ugunja) have termed the timing of the launch as suspicious, and insisted region needs to focus on economic growth.

They said the loss of the 2013 election was a big blow to residents and cautioned that attempts at rebellion would only work against development.

But Ms Akumu says CCP, whose slogan is “The Voice of the People” will be a game-changer in the ODM-dominated region. Mr Outa maintains the party is bound to fail as it is merely a vehicle to solicit funds from desperate losers.

“We don’t really care to whom it is associated. It will soon fade away,” he said.

Mr Shabbir, also predicting its demise, asked those who felt dissatisfied with ODM to quit, and cited senators James Orengo (Siaya) and Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o (Kisumu) tried to go it alone and failed.

Mr Wandayi said the people behind the CCP were simply testing the waters and will soon find out why they need an able captain.

“We are not worried since they lack the mettle to come out in the open and face ODM.”

The reason, it appears, leaders are becoming jittery, draws from the idea that it has not declared its office bearers, and its source of funding is not known.

The CCP leader said jubilee and Cord, the biggest coalitions in the country, have done very little for the people and need to be rivalled strongly.

“We still see aspects of tribalism, corruption, inequity in resource distribution and nepotism, which we need to undo,” she said.

During the unveiling the party in a meeting attended by a handful of delegates at a Kisumu Hotel early this week, Mrs Akumu said it was difficult for Nyanza to solicit for more development support since the current political parties’ are focused on the presidency.

The Nyakach parliamentary loser in the 2013 election said the new party rides on an ideology of undoing the shambolic electoral process that have tainted Nyanza in its clamour to rise to power. “CCP is a democratic party that will not support monopolistic politics,” she said.