my dress my choice? That’s fair but how about we look at the root issue of the matter.hmm?
It is now a cliche when you hear someone taking about gender equality or gender sensitivity and well the so obvious saying what a man can do a woman does better.
When one is referred to as a feminist what exactly does that mean. It is quite odd actually that many of us out here do not actually know our sexual rights and permit things to happen be it due to fear, shame or thinking that is how things should be.
I try as much as possible to be real and see things as they are that’s why I take my time to say this.
How many out there think that there is nothing like rape between a married couple?
How many know that having sex with someone who is under influence of alcohol or any drug substance without their consent is actually rape?
How many ladies agree that men should do tasks like the ladies, house chores,when it comes to work how many call men in the fashion industry gay? Not that being a homosexual is a sin but the mere thought that men are not supposed to do that?
How many mothers let their son’s lazy around in the house while piling chores on their female siblings. Deep down they do know what the issue is.
We complain that we are being beaten, harassed but how many of us care to confront the situation and do something about it.
It is time we take a responsibility for partly enabling this issue without our knowledge and repair that before it is too late.
We talk of gender equality then let us be brave enough to do that, walk the talk.