Does it fall under lifestyle, technology or culture. I think it’s both and could be more. I will simply say who ever started it was smart and creative.
Nowadays blogging is not just about being a hobby or gossip people actually make a living out of it. I mean how many times per day will you find yourself getting to a blog on the net to get some information about something.
Everything is there, be it fashion, news, gossip, what’s new, what’s trending you name it you only have to click and the click my dear is what makes the money.
Bloggers are being the most sought after news people for publicity and marketing. They managed to bridge the gap between the seller and the consumer.
From the comfort of your home you can simply get to know where to find something or where to go for the holidays because of their posts.
So why is it that we still have the negative attitude towards them? I mean some blogs are totally nasty but let’s be real without them where would be the drama and the fun huh?
I think it’s time we give bloggers a break and show them a little respect.