Today’s flooding as seen b a Zimmerman resident on the way home, Thika road and other parts along the road was flooded after a heavy down-pure.

People have a tendency to blame the constr Thika road floods 2015-0606uction and the government and city council for not maintaining the road or the Chinese for not building the road proper. The fact is however that most people is part of the blame themselves as people throw bottles, plastic bags, etc. which blogs the drainage and sewage systems. The flooding’s in Nairobi and other places would be a lot less though still occurring if people would stop and take part themselves in the keeping the environment clean and safe for everyone, and the next generations to come.

If you are part of not keeping it clean, we ask you to start doing so. (some may say but all other do! well yes it might be but it takes one person to start to keep the city’s clean and saving the environment for all of us.