The Video “Dance for peace” from Loreto Kiambu Girls High School that is trending with more than 47.000 views on Facebook in the first week since it was posted on the 11th of October 2016 has the participation of Art Directors Garage that was handling set design, make-up, costumes, and Nancy Aluoch founder of the Art Directors Garage also participated in some of the Choreography. Leah Gathoni is the producer of the modern Dance piece. The video is a modern Dance video that involves different aspects of tribes, cultures, etc. from Kenya honoring the Kenyan flag and peace among Kenyans.

Se more of the video here:

The video is celebrating Kenya and the Kenyan people as one people, that can and should live in peace with each other. The girls from the video is from different tribes, cultures, religions, and they all represent the picture of peace that the flag of Kenya is.