In summary:
– Do you know which chemicals that can harm you, your child and the next generations to come. Do you know which everyday products they are in and how often you are in contact with them?

What is okay in our body, health care, and other products, food, and what is not, is a new Series of news about our health, we are planning to bring you 2 different articles a week in this series, one about the products that makes us feel good such as perfumes, lotions, shampoos, etc. The other article will be about living healthy with healthy delicious food. The Series will puts its focus on our health, regarding the products we use in our everyday life, the content of the products, the preservatives, and the chemicals in them and what it does to our health and what are the potential risks to us or our families health when we use these products.

In this series we look at things that are in our shampoos, body soaps, lotions, perfumes, the dish-wash, Toys, electronic devices, etc. As there today is so many chemicals that affect our daily life and for most people even without us knowing it, we today need to know what is in them so that we can make our own choice when buying the products and make our own choice in what we use and what will affect us and our everyday life.

You will in this series, be told the names of chemicals, content in product to watch out for, which is safe to use, for most products you can read on their ingredients label.

In connection with this series, we will also bring health tips on food, how to cook healthy and delicious food in an easy way. (This Author lost 35 kg in 5 month, on one of the best and most healthy diets around, and I can tell you from my own experience, I have never eaten so well and good food.)

There are today so many chemicals in many products that can affect us, give us allergies, deform children under pregnancies, make ourselves or our children infertile (Not being able to have children, barn) and not being able to have children of our or their own.

Like in cheap Chinese, and cheap soft plastic toys, cups, plates, or any other soft plastic material from any country can contain what is called Phthalates and this chemical can actually make you infertile just buy touching them, shampoos and other body products can contain Parabens which can give you allergies and more.

What is and what does Phthalates do?

Now lets start with a little information that can protect our children and their future a bit. What most of you probably don’t know is that when you buy your baby a small cheap plastic toy made in China, or any other country, the wrangle or one of those toys that breaks in a short time, and you feel you did something good for your child, well you might actually have hurt your children and your child’s future. Why is that you might ask.

Well basically these cheap plastic toys contains what is called Phthalates and the problem with Phthalates is not only what it does but also how it gets into your body. But first what is Phthalates and what can Phthalates do to your body and why is it in plastic toys? Well it can make both you and your children infertile and not being able to get children, it also increases the risk of getting deform or handicapped children if your pregnant, and MUCH MORE.

Now why is Phthalates in plastic and above we were telling you about the cheap plastic toys, but it actually exist in mush more than toys, such as plastic cups, plates, one time service, plastic bottles for water, and much more. The Phthalates is in the plastic to soften it so it does not crack when squeezed, dropped and more, now the manufacturers have other options, but many choose to stick to Phthalates as it is well know and cheap and they are not interested in changing the production though there is other better alternatives to Phthalates, simply because it cost money to change the production and it is all about profit and they don’t care about the consumer in the end, but only their sale.

Now you might ask how do the Phthalates get into your body if they are in plastics! Well unlike Teflon that is not healthy either and that can get into your body when using metal kitchen tools on Teflon pans, etc. You actually only need to touch the plastic with your skin, (hands, etc. Imagine your child/baby putting the toy in it’s mouth) and the Phthalates will be transferred through your skin into your body which makes it hard to avoid.

Now how do you find out what items contain the Phthalates and which does not, well that is actually pretty hard, and pretty easy. You can’t see it, smell it or otherwise, but you can try to avoid to by the cheap plastic toys sold everywhere, and buy the quality toy, that will also last a bit longer. It’s the same thing with cheap kitchen utensils, don’t buy the cheap plastic ones, but instead the ones made of Metal, Wood, melamine, (Notice that no-stick surfaces as Teflon can rub of if using the wrong kitchen-tools, or if it is not good quality Teflon utensils. These can also make you sick.) as they do not contain Phthalates and are very unlikely to contain any unwanted chemicals, etc.

In the EU, and other countries there is a direct law against Phthalates in Plastic toys, and other items, whereas they are allowed in items that do not get into direct contacts. This means that in the retail chain there is made spot checks and tests to reveal if the manufacture have cheated in the production and used the forbidden chemical. If this is the case, the items are simply removed from the shelves immediately.

Now i hope you managed to get a little insight and how to avoid this chemical, stay healthy and think about what you use and buy.