Kenyan passports to be phased out next year, to adopt East Africa travel permit

Kenya will phase out issuance of its national passports from next year and adopt the East Africa travel permit in the quest by the six countries to harmonize business and regulatory processes. The phase-out period will last two years and the six countries including South Sudan that was this week admitted to the East Africa Community (EAC) expected to only issue the regional e-passport by the start of 2019. The

Tanzania becomes east, central and southern Africa fiber optic information hub

Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL) plans to make its fiber optic cable to be the information hub in east, central as well as southern Africa.  In an exclusive interview with ‘The Guardian’ at the week end, the TTCL acting Chief Executive Officer, Peter Ngota said that it was one of the company’s long-term plans. He was reacting to a question after the final handing over of the fiber optic to

Burundi’s president re-elected on fraud, violence & by stealing money his people

The Burundian President was re-elected through election fraud, and violence says U.S. Secretary of John Kerry, but this news media also knows that he have received money through some of his business partners, like Koreans, and other international partner. He have among other things requested money from oil companies that wanted to go into oil exploration in Burundi, by getting Korean partners and others to look for companies that could

Shoots, & explosions heard as the Burundian election starts

While the Burundian president Pierre Nkunrunziza is expected to win the controversial electionfor a third term and is condemned by the international community, shoots and explosions is heard in the Burundian capital. The election has just started but so fare 2 people have already been killed. The country with 3,8 million inhabitants with rights to vote have been mared with violence in the months up to the election. Now on

Burundi backs election delay

Burundi’s government said, yesterday, it backed regional calls to postpone controversial polls, but only by a few days, saying it had asked the electoral commission to implement the delay. The crisis in the central African nation revolves around President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third-term bid, which his opponents say is unconstitutional and violates a peace deal that brought an end to a dozen years of civil war in 2006. Over 70 people

Firm partners to supply IT products in East Africa

Technology products re-seller Virtual Works East Africa has partnered with US data storage provider EMC Corp, to add value to the latter’s products and distribute them in the region. The deal will see Virtual Works offer data storage and back-up services in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia, where it has a presence. Virtual Works chief executive Abraham Parel said his firm would maintain its focus on delivering enterprise-centric

Tax institutions at border posts irk traders

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Misenyi Municipal Council and the Police Force supervising trade and tax collections at Mtukula border between Tanzania and Uganda have been said as institutions hindering the flourishing of business along the border. Speaking during a two days seminar in Missenyi, Kagera Region yesterday, traders said the zero tariff protocol signed by the East African member states were not being at observed borders. “We are forced to