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How knitted octopus toys are helping to save tiny premature babies’ lives in hospital incubators

As any family who has had a premature baby will be painfully aware, the period of time in between baby being born and being strong enough to go home is one of the most difficult periods a parent can go through. So you’ll try anything which promises to make your baby’s life better while they’re in hospital – and, apparently, a toy octopus can work wonders. Hospitals in the UK

UK Schoolgirl ‘paralysed by energy drink’ is told one more bottle could ‘kill her’ as mum warns other parents over dangers

A high school girl who drank energy drinks bought from the ice cream van parked outside her school was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after suffering from stroke-like symptons. Now Catlin Fraser has been warned by doctors not to drink anymore of her favourite energy drinks – because she could have a heart attack. The 13-year-old who is a top student at Coatbridge High School in North Lanarkshire –

Photos of starving ‘witch’ toddler lead to massive donations and a glimmer of hope

Anja Ringgren Lovén, the founder of the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF), received a phone call about a two to three-year-old boy who had been abandoned by his family, she told the Huffington Post UK. She said: “When we heard that the child was only two to three years old we did not hesitate. “A child that young cannot survive a long time alone on the streets.

Polio victim seeks to stop church drive

A polio victim has gone to court, seeking to stop the Catholic Church from making statements opposing the national vaccination campaign against the disease. Mr Clinton Mugesi Werema filed the case under a certificate of urgency. He said the church’s opposition is putting the lives of millions of Kenyans at stake. The church has claimed that the vaccine contains family planning agents, which the government has denied. Mr Werema said

Catholic Church urges members to boycott polio vaccine

The Catholic Church has told its members to boycott the polio vaccination until underlying issues are resolved. Health Committee Chairman Paul Kariuki said the church had valid health concerns, which it wants the government to address. The bishop of Embu Diocese said during a service Sunday that the church was not opposed to immunisation, but wanted assurance on safety. On the other hand, the Director of Medical Services, Dr Nicholas

DP William Ruto says government to reconsider sex education in schools

Deputy President William Ruto has said the government will reconsider the proposed introduction of sex education in learning institutions. Mr Ruto said the government will not allow anything that goes against traditions, culture and religion be introduced in the education curriculum. The DP was responding to the head of Catholic Church in Kenya John Cardinal Njue who said that the church was worried that introduction of sex education will “destroy”