You need a job? What about watching 20 hours of porn weekly and get paid 3000 USD per month for Danish club

Do you need a job or do you just like watching PORN? Danish club advertises ‘dream job’ with 3.000 USD salary to watch 20 hours’ of adult films a week… but is it true? A bar in Denmark is advertising for what for someone could be their dream job. For the successful applicant will earn a salary of 3.000 USD to watch 20 hours’ of porn a week. Provided with

Paris Hilton in the worst and cruelest prank ever

Congratulations should surely go to Egyptian television program Ramez in Control, for it has finally achieved the impossible. Until now, everything that Paris Hilton touched has been hilarious. Her singing career? Hilarious. That perfume she created called Fairy Dust? Hilarious. Her speaking voice, sense of entitlement and time spent in prison? All completely hilarious. But now Ramez in Control has managed to put Paris Hilton in her first ever unapologetically

Famous Hollywood couple Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner announced their divorce

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are divorcing after years of couples therapy and a separation of over six months according to news released. The “Batman v Superman” star, 42, and Garner, 43, who have three children, Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, on Tuesday confirmed they are divorcing after 10 years of marriage. the announcement came just 1 day after their 10 year wedding anniversary. The Hollywood couple said

Grand return for Hollywood star Lupita

Did you want to meet Lupita? Or have dinner with the Oscar Award-winning actress? That will only be Sh10,000 per person or Sh100, 000 for a corporate table for an exclusive event to be held on Thursday, July 2, at the Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi. The actress, who seemed to give Nairobi and her Kenyan fans the snub, now appears set to make a grand entrance. Lupita  will arrive

Supermodel drops the makeup: Can you recognize her?

“Beautiful, brave, delicious and flawless” Such are some of the thousands of words of the praised supermodel has been on her Instagram profile. The other day she put a picture of herself on her Instagramprofil without any make-up, so people could see her “true self”, without makeup, retouching and Photoshop. – You know how people say “no filter”, but you know there’s a stupid filter on their image. (…) But

Kenyan Govt pledges Sh400m to set up film academy

“You should not focus so much on the problems bedeviling the country but provide solutions that come from us (Kenyans) working together for peace and development. “It is important that Kenyans embrace patriotism in their day to day lives as lack of it is adversely affecting our lives as a nation,” he said. “We have a great and unique opportunity to make our arts thrive and generate the wealth and


The third person. Just done watching the movie and I must say it is quite something. Watch me…. the phrase it begins with and ends with. We get to see three different stories but somehow two of them are kinda connected when it comes to the breaking of the vases part. My take about the movie, I see it as a work of art. I mean three different sets of