You know me more than i know myself, you see me more than see, you have seen me in jeans with no makeup on…….. when it’s right it’s more than right, you can feel it more than feel…….. great song by the script from the album no sounds without silence. Sometimes words just ain’t enough…… perfect. I know right? Very simple words used to bring out the real emotion. I


Anyone out there remembers how we would select courses during our final high school year? When joining form one almost everyone has that dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. You rarely hear anyone say they want to become a designer or an athlete even if they have an ability. There is always that conception that some things are not careers but just wastage of time and money. As well as the


How you feel sometimes. Your head is spinning round and round and funny enough you love it. Previously you would be whining about it but now you want it to last. Feeling like you are flying on a high that is caused not by a stimulant you yourself knows the reason. I love the smell of green. Not neon green but jungle green. Dirty green look with a rusty look


The education system we have in Kenya right now has always been revised year in year out. I remember when I started school there was art and craft, music, home science, agriculture and other subjects. Art and craft was my favorite especially the mosaic home-works. I must say the love for art till now is still there the only hindrance as everyone else who has reasons is the fact that


my dress my choice? That’s fair but how about we look at the root issue of the matter.hmm? It is now a cliche when you hear someone taking about gender equality or gender sensitivity and well the so obvious saying what a man can do a woman does better. When one is referred to as a feminist what exactly does that mean. It is quite odd actually that many of


It’s actually half past ten it the night on Sunday when I am writing this. Just chilling listening to some music. This song has specifically taken me back, I mean the honesty and truth of the words. I am sure we all know it, I mean who has not heard of pretty hurts. The song talks about our own vanity and lots of personal insecurity issues which are as a


The third person. Just done watching the movie and I must say it is quite something. Watch me…. the phrase it begins with and ends with. We get to see three different stories but somehow two of them are kinda connected when it comes to the breaking of the vases part. My take about the movie, I see it as a work of art. I mean three different sets of


B.I.G.s It is black and white and knows no shades of grey. We love to say “we call it like it is” be it the money,the cars, the bling, the girls, the boys, the fashion it is all about one thing. Getting that recognition and respect is what everyone wants to get. But what are you willing to do for it? The fact remains at the end of the day