You need a job? What about watching 20 hours of porn weekly and get paid 3000 USD per month for Danish club

Do you need a job or do you just like watching PORN? Danish club advertises ‘dream job’ with 3.000 USD salary to watch 20 hours’ of adult films a week… but is it true? A bar in Denmark is advertising for what for someone could be their dream job. For the successful applicant will earn a salary of 3.000 USD to watch 20 hours’ of porn a week. Provided with


Have that song that you both love. Get the lyrics put the volume as loud as you can and sing along at the top of your voices. For once think about the nice time you are having and forget about security or neighbors. Rap along and make a fool of yourselves going off key, belting out the wrong words that’s the fun. Getting to loosen up. This one thing is