10 good reasons to use coconut oil

Coconut oil is found everywhere today: In the kitchen, the beauty shelf and in the bedroom. The oil has been one of the major players within beauty – and it is not without reason. The oil can with its content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants namely do wonders for both your skin and hair – whether you have dry, fine, curly, damaged or frizzy hair, or if your skin is

You need a job? What about watching 20 hours of porn weekly and get paid 3000 USD per month for Danish club

Do you need a job or do you just like watching PORN? Danish club advertises ‘dream job’ with 3.000 USD salary to watch 20 hours’ of adult films a week… but is it true? A bar in Denmark is advertising for what for someone could be their dream job. For the successful applicant will earn a salary of 3.000 USD to watch 20 hours’ of porn a week. Provided with

Worlds biggeste creamcake? Bon appetit: 60 square meters of creamcake is ready

100 hours of intensive baking and some 25 assistants. That was part of the great efforts that was needed to make the world’s largest cream cake finished. Now it is there in all its glory. Ready for anyone with a sweet tooth can get a piece of it, the baker himself calls it the world’s largest cream cake. The cream cake is 60 square meters, and the current record for the

You Don’t Necessarily Have To Give Up Carbs To Lose Weight

If you’ve sworn off carbs as part of a resolution to lose weight — and you’re miserable because of it — it may be time to rethink your approach. New data published by athletic brand Under Armour and weight loss app MyFitnessPal looked at what foods people are eating to drop pounds and — rejoice! — carbs made the cut. The analysis included the self-reported diets of more than 4 million Americans actively

Delete Facebook and save 20 percent power on your smartphone

You can save as much as 20 percent power on your mobile’s battery by deleting the Facebook app. Back in October Facebook admitted that their app draining your mobile’s battery. Not a surprising announcement, and therefore it should not come as a surprise that you can save power on your phone by completely deleting the Facebook app. But it was probably very few who had calculated that you can save

Nairobians troll rude cashier with awful customer service

A cashier at a popular fast food outlet in the city center has been on the receiving end of the wrath of Kenyans on social media after a disgruntled customer took her picture and exposed her awful customer service. The cashier, identified as Florence on her name tag, works for a popular franchise that has branches dotted across the city center. She was accused of charging customers for items they did

7 cocktail trends: How we drink in 2015

More trouble and less snobbery at cocktail bars. There are probably not a worse time to visit New Orleans in the United states than July. But it was not the world’s leading bartenders, spirits producers and cocktail geeks back when they last week flocked to the world’s largest cocktail festival in New Orleans rear summer heat. At the festival, Tales of the Cocktail met about 50,000 cocktail geeks over 6

Key roads in Nairobi to be closed during Obama visit, Nairobi’s Airport’s for less than an hour

UPDATED at 13:40 Friday 24/7, 2015. Mombasa road will not be completely closed, but there will be a change in the traffic flow. Mobile network and other networks might be down temporarily in the area’s The Us President Barack Obama passes, due to the jammers that are installed in their equipment. (But it will only be short time) Key roads in Nairobi will be closed during US President Barack Obama’s

Restaurant operator Tamarind to open a four star hotel

Restaurant operator, Tamarind Group, is to open a four star hotel next year in Nairobi. The firm, which owns Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi said it will open a 162-room hotel at the Carnivore grounds in the second half of 2016 targeting business and leisure travellers. “The Tamarind Tree Hotel will be a modern concept hotel, imbued with an African flavour which will incorporate innovative features to suit the needs of