Anyone out there remembers how we would select courses during our final high school year? When joining form one almost everyone has that dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. You rarely hear anyone say they want to become a designer or an athlete even if they have an ability.
There is always that conception that some things are not careers but just wastage of time and money. As well as the attitude that people who get to do some things did not do well in school or did not go to school. You would be surprised to know how many engineers out there work in banks or how many doctors out there turned out to be athletes.
The stereotyping becomes too much to an extent we lose ourselves and get carried away with the big titles and forget the most important thing of all, myself.
You need to love yourself to love others that applies in so many ways other than love. You need to be happy with what you are doing in order to excel. Do you love what you do?
I feel caught up between the course I am studying and what I really want to do. I do not know what I really want and that frustrates me most times. Seeing friends already sure of what they are doing and me here lost.
It is for this that I am passionate about taking risks and being curious. Parents do not discourage your kids for fear of them being lost or not making it.
Let us make those mistakes and dust ourselves up and come out more informed and stronger other than stopping us from doing something we love. At times you need to believe in us and respect the fact that we are old enough to make our own decisions, so for some you do not have a choice but support us.