Authorities in Arusha have expressed the need to introduce the Nelson Mandela week  in efforts to honour the contribution made by the former South African president for his contribution in scaling up science and technological spirits in Africa.

Arusha regional commissioner, Daudi Ntibenda, disclosed the region’s plans here when he was speaking at the concluded Nelson Mandela week-long event which was organized by the Nelson Mandela African institute of science and technology (NM-AIST) based more than 10 kilometers from the country’s northern tourist city.
The RC said: “As authorities we have every   reason to introduce the Mandela week to honour Madiba who spearheaded the idea of introducing science and technology institutions in Africa and Tanzania in particular.”
“We Arusha are very lucky to host this pan African institution and we need to do something for this opportunity,” the RC said without divulging the exact time-frame for the weeklong event to start.
According to Ntibenda, Mandela was an African activist and anti-racist who wanted Africa to become a science and technological hub.
“Mandela’s idea was to address a challenge related to lack of human resource in an area of science and technology, so the introduction of NM-AIST and other institutions was meant to nurture African creativity as well as creating room for them to do more researches on ICT; hence boost Africa’s socio-economic development.
NM-AIST vice chancellor, Prof Burton Mwamila said the seven-day event was meant to encourage secondary schools youth to love science subjects in order to have several experts of science and technology sector.
Prof. Mwamila said for the past two years his institution had been marking this annual event by allocating just one week to honour Mandela and his ideas.
He said apart from honouring Mandela, the week is also meant to encourage Tanzanian students from primary to secondary schools to ‘fall in love’ with science subjects.
“We believe this initiative will help the country get different experts in this area of science and technology,” the VC said.
Prof. Mwamila said that apart from influencing youth to participate in Mandela week, they will also conduct a conference on energy in order to share ideas for economic development in Africa.
” From the energy conference we will get experiences from science stakeholders from South Africa who had benefitted from their energy,” he said.