In summary: Get the hair to shine a race with the sun, remove waterproof mascara and take it into the bedroom. Coconut oil can be much more than you think.

Coconut oil is found everywhere today: In the kitchen, the beauty shelf and in the bedroom. The oil has been one of the major players within beauty – and it is not without reason.

The oil can with its content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants namely do wonders for both your skin and hair – whether you have dry, fine, curly, damaged or frizzy hair, or if your skin is dry, oily or normal.

We have summarized 10 good reasons why you can safely let the coconut oil move into the bathroom … and the bedroom.

  1. Makeup remover. Coconut oil is great as a makeup remover, and it dissolves all – even waterproof mascara. Just dab coconut oil on some cotton wool and wipe onto your skin, and voila – all makeup is removed!
  2. Hair mask. Coconut oil may bring life back into even the saddest strain of hairs. Massage the oil well into the hair and scalp. Wrap hair in a towel, a shower cap, plastic film or bag and allow the oil to work a few hours or overnight. Then massage shampoo into your hair before you wash the oil out, to avoid that your hair becomes greasy. Wash hair once again and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Moisturize. Moisten your skin with coconut oil and you get nice, shiny arms and legs. And yes, it can become a little greasy affair if you use too much. Therefore, be careful when dosing.
  4. Dry and cracked feet and hands. Fight the dry skin on the hands and feet by lubricating your dry elbows and hands with coconut oil.
  5. Towards sunburn. Give first aid for your sun-burnt skin with coconut oil, which are healing and dissipates heat.
  6. Lip balm. The dry, chapped lips do not have a chance when you give them a some coconut oil! Buy possibly a small box where you can put a little oil, then you can carry your new lip balm with you in the bag.
  7. Shaving cream. Tired of expensive shaving cream? Let coconut replace shaving cream when you shave your legs, or other more intimate parts of your body. Coconut oil is both cheaper, antibacterial and combats the small irritation buds, and moisturize the skin. Win-win-win situation!
  8. Massage Oil. Take the oil with you in the bedroom, and treat your partner with a nice massage!
  9. Hair oil. Rub a tiny lop of coconut oil of the size of a pea in your hands to warm it up. Then add the oil in your hair, and it becomes shiny and soft and will shine as the sun. Bonus: If you have large, curly hair, oil also goes in and tames curls!
    Tip! Coconut oil is very economical in use, so be careful when dosing!
  10. Bodyscrub. Mix half a cup of salt, or sugar with an equivalent amount of melted coconut oil and you have a homemade scrub that moisturizes and removes dead skin cells. The result is unmistakable: a nice, soft skin.

Tip! If you have areas where your skin is a little extra dry – for example, your feet and elbows – you can add a little more salt or sugar

Tip! Coconut oil can be melted over a water bath or in a microwave.

Are not you loving the smell of coconut? So choose a fragrance and taste-free variant – you can also spice up the scent with a few drops of ethereal oils.